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Personalized recommendations from web events in Spark: Challenges and opportunities


On a web portal users bid for projects, each one – users and projects – having many features. Due to a large number of projects at any point in time, only specific projects should be recommended to a user to potentially bid on on a daily basis. Due to the large size of underlying data and many models to solve, Spark with its powerful machine learning library has been selected. Our experience and enhancements made to Spark will be discussed. The audience will learn about challenges and expertise required in Spark for a problem that is not from a textbook.


Diego Klabjan is a founder of Opex Analytics, a company providing custom-built software solutions in analytics. He is responsible for technology assessments and serves also as the chief data scientist. Klabjan is also a professor at Northwestern University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences where he is also Founding Director, Master of Science in Analytics. His research expertise is focused on data science with concentration in marketing, finance, transportation, and healthcare.