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Going Beyond Numbers: Creating Business Value from Unstructured Data


A lot of unstructured data, such as text, images, speech and videos, contains quite valuable information that is not being utilized to the fullest by businesses today. In this presentation, we will discuss examples of using unstructured text data (reviews, comments, blogs, posts, articles, etc.) to develop predictive models and business insights for three use cases – lookalike modelling using social media conversations, content personalization using customer reviews, and sentiment analysis using data from blog posts and articles. We will also discuss various machine learning and big data technologies that are commonly used for analyzing large volumes of unstructured data.


Dr. Mahesh Kumar is the founder and CEO of Tiger Analytics, a boutique consulting company focusing on advanced data analytics. Prior to founding Tiger Analytics, Dr. Kumar was on the faculty of the Business School at the University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. Kumar has extensive experience conducting research and consulting in the area of data mining and statistical modeling. Dr. Kumar holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from MIT, a post-doc in Marketing from MIT Sloan, and a bachelor's in Computer Science from IIT Bombay (India).