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Predictive Modeling for Product Strategy


Actionable insights from internal data science can contribute to the competitive advantage of any enterprise. Predictive models are powerful tools producing some of the insights that help drive product strategy. I will review the notion of using predictive models to not necessarily predict the future, but to understand key drivers of product success. Every aspect of the process, from target and predictor variable definitions to temporal considerations, must be crafted such that product management can make smart decisions with the results. Of course these models can also have far-reaching impacts on all aspects of the business, such as improved customer acquisition and retention.


I am a leader passionate about maximizing the value of data in fast growing organizations, because data-driven products and insights are the new competitive advantage. When done well, customers are delighted and internal efficiencies add to the bottom line. I have a proven track record of building and leading data teams. Most recently, I founded a team called "Product Intelligence" at Salesforce and have spent three years growing the largest data team in the company: 20 data scientists, (big) data engineers, and business intelligence experts. led the team to curate a massive behavioral dataset and surface actionable insights using a wide range of statistical and quantitative analyses. These insights drive product strategy at the executive level across all major product lines (clouds).