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Predictive Analytics for Sales


With the ability to track progress of sales activity at a very granular level, we are now in a position to collect large amount of data related to business-to-business sales. By applying various machine learning technologies to this data, it is now possible to derive valuable insights that can drive the sales process. Additionally, it is now possible to deliver improved sales forecasts as well as sales pipeline analytics that leverage the vast amount of data that is now at the disposal of sales teams. In this talk, we shall explore machine learning process around feature extraction, feature sensitivity analysis, probabilistic models and forecast aggregates etc.


Software executive and technologist with over 30 years experience (17 years of executive level) experience leading, designing, architecting software products for enterprises in product organizations of various sizes ranging from early stage startup, high-growth phase as well as large enterprises. Broad experience in all aspects of product development, management and leadership in all stages of product and company development. I am currently involved in building Clari Inc., an exciting new company re-inventing enterprise software using mobile-first product development. Clari is combining a new level of user experience with cloud technologies and data science to reinvent the enterprise data and application stack. Specialties: Software development, product idea creation, value creation, technology evaluation/due-diligence, product architecture and technologies related to enterprise and business software. Advisor, guide and mentor to entrepreneurs.