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Methods: Marketing Applications Data Driven Customer Segmentation Methods


The goal of customer segmentation is to better understand our customers so that we can serve them better – for which they will, hopefully, reward us. Just as an organization interacts with its customers at many different levels, multiple segments are needed depending on how they will be used. Strategists may like to think in terms of archetypes or persona. The front-line marketer needs to know current interests. We will cover a range of examples. For each mini-case study you will learn the real-world application of the segmentation scheme, the algorithm used, and how best presented to marketers and management.


Jim Porzak recently retired after five decades in computing, marketing, and data science. For the last dozen years, Jim has focused on customer intelligence and modeling for Minted,, 24 Hour Fitness, Sun Microsystems, and LA Times, to name a few. Working closely with business partners in marketing, product development, finance, and management, Jim specialized in using customer behavioral and demographic data to predict purchase and/or churn propensity, build cluster based customer segments, and do routine marketing analytics. Jim is very active in the open source community - particularly in R - the open-source software environment for statistical computing and graphics. He is a frequent speaker at conferences in the US & Europe.