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The role of artificial intelligence in the future of content Posted on : Jan 01 - 2022

AI will play a key role in the future of content, as it can simplify tasks, create new business apps and improve file storage. But these changes won't happen overnight.

Rather than simple text and images, modern content management encompasses different types of information -- like photos, interactive graphics, videos, audio and other digitized assets -- that systems can assemble dynamically.

Modern content management serves a business purpose and streamlines how organizations create and distribute digital experiences. And, in the future of content management, AI plays a key role. Organizations must control the content that travels through their networks to improve digital work and create business value, which may mean embracing more advanced technologies.

The state of content management

Initially, content management sought to separate technical tasks -- like website launches -- from editorial tasks, like information updates. Web administrators and IT support staff also needed easy ways to hand off routine chores, like webpage maintenance, to nontechnical users, which content management made easier.

Over the years, aspects of content management have evolved, including types of content and required skills, relevant tools and storage.

Types of content and required skills

Content management continues to support two audiences: technical professionals and line-of-business users. Yet, content has evolved from information on static webpages into dynamic experiences across multiple devices, business channels and customer touchpoints. View More