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Importance of Teaching Data Science in CS Programs Posted on : Mar 25 - 2021

Computer programming has grown to become one of the valuable subjects in every kids’ education. However, while there is a high demand for programming skills in the current digital age, the growing sophistication of artificial intelligence has increasingly overtaken routine coding opportunities. With AI, programming has reduced to drag and drop tasks, signaling automation of various coding tasks.

Therefore, as you encourage your kids to learn to code, you should also consider data science, which similarly has long-term employment opportunities. Being among the “sexiest jobs of the 21st Century, teaching data science is overly important. Below are reasons why you should teach data science.

1. A Key Niche in the 21st Century

Oil and natural gases were considered the “black gold” for decades. However, with the inception of the industrial revolution and the emergence of machines, focus on oil started dwindling due to exhaustion and the introduction of alternative energy sources. Similarly, data is the new gold for the 21st Century. Data is overly important that even machines use it to enhance autonomy and improve safety.

That said, data science is the electricity powering modern industries. Organizations looking to improve performance and safety for business growth through autonomy should embrace data science. For instance, commercial industries looking to maximize their sales should analyze data behind sales, understand their customers’ purchase patterns and use these suggestions to make improvements. For all these, a data scientist should be consulted. View More