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Data science: 3 scenarios CIOs could see in 2030 Posted on : Mar 24 - 2021

How will businesses use data to solve business problems a decade from now – and beyond? Consider these bold data science scenarios and suggestions on how to prepare for them

Executives in the future might look back at today as the dark ages of data science - showing promise, yet very primitive.

Today, we have zettabytes of data, the power of AI for insights, and access to visual storytelling. Yet technology innovation is on an exponential trajectory. Bill Gates famously said that we always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change in the next ten.

Let’s look at some bold (perhaps even outlandish sounding) predictions to explore what the world might look like in the 2030s. This article will transport you a decade into the future to reimagine how your organization could use data to make decisions.

Three steps to solving business challenges

There are three standard steps to navigate from business problems to actionable decisions using data. Let’s use a hypothetical example to compare how these steps are done today versus the 2030s and explore how you can prepare for this future.

Suppose you’re the technology head of an American retail conglomerate with a chain of stores and a robust online presence. You’re facing the problem of customer churn. View More