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EduGorilla’s CEO, Rohit Manglik harbors the yearning to revamp the ‘chalk-n-talk’ system of education and patch it with modern AI & VR powered digital learning aids. He believes that smart technologies make learning easier, faster and more interactive. And his venture EduGorilla Community Pvt. Ltd. falls in line with the same belief. Rohit graduated from NIT-Surathkal and was quite satisfied with his life. He had everything that one could ask for, a loving family, a handsomely paying job and a bunch of friends to lift his sunken spirits. But, it takes just one day, one moment and one event to change your life completely. And that day arrived in Rohit’s life a few years back when he visited his alma mater in Farrukhabad. He saw the dropped faces of his friends, listened to their issues and realized that they are not getting the high-end privileges that they deserve. It was then that he realized that some problems are so deep-rooted in the education sector of India that they cannot be changed with ease. However, Rohit Manglik is not one of those who sit comfortably on their couches and discuss the issues prevalent in society. Rather he believes in doing something for it and that is what he did. Rohit came up with a revolutionary idea to bridge the gap between educationists and students and foster a healthy dialogue among all stakeholders of education. And that is how EduGorilla came into existence. Founded in March 2016, EduGorilla is the largest EdTech startup of Uttar Pradesh and the second largest of India. It has architected a good repute among the students seeking answers to career-related issues and seeking judicious guidance. EduGorilla offers digitized course content for various competitive exams like IIT, CAT, NEET, UPSC and has captured $2.4 billion from the Indian EdTech market. It has around 200000 active subscribers, 1600000 monthly visitors, and a month-per-month growth rate of 25%. However, this journey was not easy. The leading edupreneur of Lucknow had to wait for 8-9 months to get his first seed of investment. Those were the days of hardships and struggles. He used to travel day and night pitching his idea to the investors and had even slept on railway stations. But what kept him going through the ups and downs was his devotion towards his dream. Gradually, things fell into place, his efforts paid back, and his dream venture got an identity. As an entrepreneur, Rohit Manglik believes that innovation, rather continuous innovation is the soul of any business. If you cannot offer a tint of white in hues of red, you won’t go far as a businessman. And it is this ‘innovation’ that drives him as well as his startup. Another thing that he wants the budding entrepreneurs to realize is that there are no weekends or time offs in a startup. There is just work, work, and work. So, before you step into the entrepreneurial sea, make sure you have enough motivation to get up from bed every morning and go to work. It is you, your motivation, and your dedication that will drive your employees and your enterprise. Visit Homepage: