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From Engineering to American Football: How Data Can Help Maximize Team Performance


Many teams around the world are utilizing data obtained from their athletes to some degree in order to help maximize their on-field performance. This information comes from both qualitative and quantitative sources. However, in spite of plentiful data available from numerous avenues, one of the biggest puzzles, especially, in a sport like American football is how to have the head coach buy into the science, trust it and utilize the data to his advantage. In my presentation, I will talk about learning a football coach’s language of communication. Furthermore, I will focus on using regressions and classifications to translate the information in a form that is best understandable to a coach. Moreover, I will highlight the various types of technologies used by us at FSU Football not only to test and analyze the data but also, to collect it. I will round off my presentation by explaining how important design and implementation of a successful periodization scheme is in order to prevent injuries and drive future individual and team performance.


Master's In Science