December 08 to 10 2017, Tampa, USA.


Speaker "Halim Abbas" Details

Name :
halim abbas
Company :
Title :
Chief AI Officer
Topic :

Applying ML Classification to Cognitive Delay Screening for Children

Abstract :

Predictive modeling as applied to the world of cognitive clinical science comes with its own unique set of challenges. This talk showcases some of the concepts, techniques, and algorithms that we had developed at Cognoa while focusing on that domain. Topics discussed include building predictors from noisy clinical datasets, allowing for inconclusive screening, as well as ML performance metrics inspired by the medical industry.

Profile :

Halim is a high tech innovator who spearheaded world-class data science projects at game changing techs like eBay and Teradata. Formally educated in Machine Learning, his professional expertise span Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Big Data. Halim has a proven track record of applying state of the art data science techniques across industry verticals such as eCommerce, web & mobile services, airline, BioPharma, and the medical technology industry. He currently leads the Data Science team at Cognoa, a data driven behavioral healthcare startup in Palo Alto.


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