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Adaptive Learning Analytics


As we continue to move into innovation, data analytics, and AI, it is no surprise that people want a more unique learning experience in trend with forward thinking digital technologies that they already use in so many other aspects of their lives. Information is available at an exponentially growing rate, and its time to empower learners from corporate to academic settings with more than just an e-learn or traditional online class. Learning can be about the thoughtful combination of AI and learning design to enable learner success while empowering educators and trainers. This session will share how they can be at the center of their pedagogical processes while providing unique user paths and adaptive analytics to get anyone to learn anything while integrating simulations, gamification, and other engaging tools. Case studies of organizations like Cengage and ASU share how they moved into adaptive analytics to finally see productive organizational results. Attendees will learn how to strategies, design, and implement this type of adaptive learning analytics to impact their L&D ROI with technological tools. This can impact change management, human capital, training, L&D - across academic and corporate organizations alike.


Giselle Mota is a nationally certified trainer and consultant in the area of learning and development; assisting individuals and organizations to maximize their personal and organizational goals through effective and true learning. She provides training and consulting to all organizations that provide training or education from corporations to academic institutions. Giselle is founder and CEO of Preductiv where she uses research based and analytics infused approaches to change and learning management for organizations of all scopes. She is also the leader of Emerging Leaders Tampa where she consults CEO's in their strategic growth strategies. She holds a Master's degree in Organizational Design and Leadership with an emphasis on change and learning management, as well as undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Management from the University of South Florida. With her engaging and collaborative approach, Giselle is called upon to train on topics that are initially a pain-point and stumbling block for the learners -- executives, administrators, trainers, teachers and adult learners of all types. After working with them, they always come away empowered with a clear direction and action strategy to move into their desired next level of productive outcomes. In addition to training and consulting, Giselle has worked in business coaching, instructional design, curriculum development, professorship, college advising, and private company/small business development. Always contributing as an instrumental change management agent and driver of success. Key Specialties: Training, Change Management, Organizational Design, Business Coaching/Consulting, Human Capital Management, Learning Management, Education Management, LMS, Data Analytics, Speaking