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AI for Upgrading Humans on this Planet. Before it's too late.


Lightsphere AI builds AI for Humans, that helps fight the two chronic problems our modern society is facing today because of Automation. The problem of updating your skills in advance of the future job-market so that you can stay ahead of disappearing jobs, and the problem of staying fit and healthy in a World where there is constant pressure on your health due to lack of physical activity, job stress, and poor nutrition. The type of architecture we need for building AI that can coach people. The future is neither a dystopia where AI takes over the World, nor a society where all online interactions between humans have to be shallow. Lightsphere AI has built advanced AI mediates interaction between human coaches and consumers. We will go over a piece of technology that allows us to cluster and build ontologies of web communications of consumers and mentors and use it to help improve people's mind and body. More specifically we will cover a new type of hierarchical clustering algorithm that can discover high accuracy dense sub-graphs within a graph and then build a compact human-interpretable ontology that has many applications including digital marketing, patient monitoring, future job growth prediction.
Who is this presentation for?
Data scientists, CTO, CEO, engineers, people interested in machine learning
Prerequisite knowledge:
Good grasp of high school level math, familiarity with programming
What you'll learn?
State of the art unsupervised graph learning techniques on noisy data


Gunjan Gupta has a Ph.D. in Machine Learning (ML) from The University of Texas at Austin and has over 20 machine learning publications in top journals, conferences, book-chapters, including best-paper awards at ICML and ICDM. His industry experience covers several domains including recommendation engines, fraud-detection, geo-spatial and multi-sensor systems, financial models and search. He has worked in the area of ML and Big Data since 1998 over several companies including S&P, Amazon and Microsoft. He is the founder, CEO and the Chief Architect of Lightsphere AI INC. Lightsphere AI builds AI for Humans, that helps fight the two chronic problems our modern society is facing today because of Automation. At Lightsphere AI we focus on designing for long-term and coding core reusable pieces needed now. We have built sophisticated sub-systems in search, model training and scoring, deployment infrastructure, UI declarative code gen, distributed security and auth system, an order routing system, and a unique AI that can watch and improve human health by helping them discover what is wrong with them. Many of our infrastructure pieces now rival that of Amazon's and are now set to drive rapid growth of our products.