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AI, ML, Cloud for ML


The architecture of modern AI-powered search engine will be presented. We will describe key components from data acquisition to indexing to query understanding to ranking to user assistance and what AI/ML technologies are needed to build and evaluate them. We will present how to hire and manage search team to develop AI-powered consumer facing search engines
Who is this presentation for?
engineers and managers building search engines and teams to develop search engines
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic Information Retrieval and MAchine LEarning
What you'll learn?
How to build domain specific search engines such as search engines for ecommerce, maps, media. What's a reference architecture, what open source solutions to use, what ML technologies will be required, how to hire and manage search team


Andrei is Vice-President of Engineering, Search and Conversational AI. After he received the PhD degree from the University of Manchester in 2006, he has been developing search engines for Google, Apple, Walmart. eBay, Zillow. He received more than 20 patents in Machine Learning and Search engine technologies. He led Search teams for Walmart, eBay, Zillow (ecommerce, real estate search), developed search algorithms for Google, he was a founding engineer of Apple Maps Search