Speaker "Yoshi Tanaka" Details

Name :
yoshi tanaka
Company :
Title :
Topic :

Business Transformation Through AI  - Explosive Development of AI Powered By Big Data

Abstract :

- SoftBank next 30 year's strategy

- Introduction of SoftBank Vision Fund - Investment change the world by AI

-SoftBank BD activities

- Challenging of AI

- AI Use Cases.

- SoftBank on going AI project 

Profile :
More than 20 year-experiences in telecommunication industries. Yoshi Tanaka has been engaged in mobile carrier for 15 years. The background- Marketing, Corporate Planning, Business Development. Yoshi has been working in Silicon Valley since October, 2013. The mission is to scout business and technology partners for SoftBank Corporation (Japan ) and SoftBank Group companies all over the world. The current big three focus is IoT, AI and Robotics. Particularly , I’ m looking at AI x IoT, AI x Robotics business. Vertical wise, retail tech (including payment and omani channel), connected vehicles (including autonomous vehicle drones) , building/office management, smart homes, smart city and healthcare.

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