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Discovering your AI Super Powers - Tips and Tricks to Jumpstart your AI project


In this session, we will share about cutting-edge deep learning innovations, and present emerging trends in the AI community. This session is for data scientists, developers who have a keen interest in getting started in an AI project, and wants to learn the tools of the trade. We will draw on practical experiences from working on various AI projects, and share the key learnings, and pitfalls.


Wee Hyong Tok is a principal data science manager at Microsoft, where he leads AI Innovation. Wee Hyong has worn many hats in his career, including developer, program and product manager, data scientist, researcher, and strategist, and his range of experience has given him unique superpowers to nurture and grow high-performing innovation teams that enable organizations to embark on their data-driven digital transformations using artificial intelligence. He strongly believes in story-driven innovation and has a passion for leading artificial intelligence-driven innovations and working with teams to envision how these innovations can create new competitive advantage and value for their business. He coauthored one of the first books on Azure Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics Using Azure Machine Learning, and authored another demonstrating how database professionals can do AI with databases, Doing Data Science with SQL Server.