Speaker "Sanjay Joshi" Details

Name :
sanjay joshi
Company :
Title :
Chief of Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences
Topic :

AI and Healthcare: a data and process approach

Abstract :

There has been a lot of hype recently regarding AI and Healthcare. Sanjay will present an introduction to a use-case based approach for AI in Healthcare -- he will cover the broad categories of Financial, Operational and Clinical use-cases with Security as an envelope use-case. The learning objectives are practical business oriented Machine Learning and Deep Learning with specific focus on the data and processes involved. Summary results from two specific clinical use-cases: Flu Prediction and Diabetes will be presented.

Profile :

Sanjay Joshi is the Chief of Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences at H2O.ai. Based in Seattle, Sanjay's 25+ year career has spanned the entire gamut of life-sciences and healthcare from clinical and biotechnology research to healthcare informatics to medical devices. A "skunkworks" engineer, bioengineer and informaticist, he defines himself as a "non-reductionist" with a "systems view of the world.” His current focus is a systems-level understanding of Healthcare, Genomics, Proteomics, Microbiomics, Imaging and IoT processes and data infrastructures. Recent experience has included data management and instruments for Electronic Medical Records; Proteomics and Flow Cytometry; FDA and HIPAA validations; Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS); Translational Genomics research and Imaging. Sanjay holds a patent in multi-dimensional flow cytometry analytics. He began his career developing and building X-Ray machines. Sanjay was the recipient of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant and has been a consultant or co-Principal-Investigator on several NIH grants. He is actively involved in non-profit biotech networking and educational organizations in the Seattle areaand beyond. Sanjay holds a Master of Biomedical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Sydney and a Bachelor of Instrumentation Technology from Bangalore University. He has completed several medical school and PhD level courses (in Sydney and Seattle).

A list of selected recent invited talks and panels:

• Medical Imaging in Clinical Research, Feb 2018 San Francisco CA: “Operational Imaging Management.”
• AI in Healthcare conference, Jan 2018 Boston MA: Keynote panel and moderator
• Kaiser Permanente Machine Learning Day, Dec 2017 Oakland CA: Panelist on AI in Healthcare
• Interface Summit, Oct 2017, Vancouver Canada; Speaker “Pain: can AI shine a light on it?”
• MinneAnalytics HALICON; Oct 2017, Minneapolis MN; Speaker “Two use-cases and a summary: Diabetes and Communicable Disease.”
• mHealth Israel; Sep 2017, Jerusalem, Israel; Speaker “AI in Health: Hope or Hype?”
• Stanford Bioinformatics for the Microbiome Symposium; Sep 2017, Palo Alto CA; Panel Discussion
• Focus Group on Medical Algorithms and AI; Aug 2017, Palo Alto, CA
• Translational Microbiome Conference; Boston MA, Apr 2017; Panelist: "Bioinformatics Tools and Genome Databases for Clinical Applications of Metagenomics."
• StampedeCon IoT Summit; St Louis MO, Apr 2017; Speaker: The “Internet of Healthy Things”: a 2016 use-case update for Healthcare IoT
• Personalized Medicine World Conference, Palo Alto CA, Jan 2017; Speaker: “Medical Devices and IoT: the bridge to the phenotype.”
• Data Day Austin, TX, Jan 2017; Speaker: "Deconvolving cellular phenotypes in images: a review of deep learning and machine Intelligence methods in healthcare Imaging."


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