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Scale your ML and Data pipelines with Cadence


Big part of ML and Big Data is ensuring the scalability and reliability of production pipelines. Cadence is a distributed, scalable, durable, and highly available orchestration engine we developed at Uber Engineering. It greatly simplifies the task management needed to make your backend processes resilient. The talk explains how Cadence is used to manage the lifecycle of globally replicated datasets in Uber HDFS clusters and then presents the service most notable features as well as the Cadence Java SDK.


Maxim Fateev spent eight and a half years at Amazon were among other high impact projects he leaded architecture and development of the AWS Simple Workflow Service and storage backend of the Simple Queue Service. At Uber he applied his experience of building large scale distributed systems to the Cherami messaging system and the Cadence task orchestration service. Both of them were open sourced by Uber. He also worked at Google and Microsoft. Maxim holds Master of Science in Computer Science from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Physics degree from Moscow State University.