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Using AI To Provide Insights And Recommendations From Activity Data


In the customer age, being able to extract relevant communications information in real-time and cross reference it with context is key. This presentation will explain how Salesforce is using data science and engineering to monitor Salespeople activities in real-time and surface insights and recommendations across products. Salesforce is developing Einstein which is an artificial intelligence (AI) capability built into the core of the Salesforce Platform. Einstein helps power the world’s smartest CRM to deliver advanced AI capabilities to sales, services, and marketing teams – helping them discover new insights, predict likely outcomes to power smarter decision making, recommend next steps, and automate workflows so users can focus on building meaningful relationships with every customer. In this presentation, we will explain how Salesforce Einstein Activity Platform processes activity data (such as emails) in real-time using streaming and machine learning in addition to contextual knowledge from users and CRM data to provide real time insights and recommended actions. We will go over use cases, high level architecture and how a variety of technologies (data engineering, data science, NLP, machine learning and deep learning) are combined together to support Salesforce applications.


Engineering Manager for a team building a near-real-time pipeline for processing E-mail data, extracting insights, and filtering out the signal from the noise to pinpoint the most relevant activity.