Speaker "Jason Kessler" Details

Name :
jason kessler
Company :
Title :
Data Scientist
Topic :

Natural Language Visualization with Scattertext

Abstract :

Scattertext is a Python package that lets you compare and contrast how words and phrases are used differently in two types of documents, producing interactive, Javascript-based visualizations. This talk will cover the use of Scattertext, issues in creating dense scatterplots, and discuss statistical term-association and phrase identification algorithms. The code used in the talk will be available as a repository on my Github account, http://www.github.com/JasonKessler/

Profile :
Jason Kessler is a lead data scientist at CDK Global, where he analyzes language use and consumer behavior in the online auto-shopping ecosystem. Prior to joining CDK, Jason was the founding data scientist at PlaceIQ and worked as a research scientist for JD Power and Associates. He has published peer-reviewed papers on algorithms and corpora for sentiment and belief analysis, and has sat on program committees and reviewed for several AI and NLP conferences. Most recently, he has conducted research on identifying persuasive and influential language and the visualization of differing corpora.

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