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Name :
jason kelly
Title :
Topic :

AI Breakthrough: Generative Adversarial Networks

Abstract :

MIT Technology Review just named GANs to the top 10 breakthrough technologies of 2018. In this session you'll learn the real-world applications of GANs and see how to use the latest tools to create and train adversarial networks yourself.

Profile :
Jason Kelly is Engineering Director at BCG Digital Ventures and heads BCGDV’s West Coast Incubation Lab. BCGDV is a corporate venture capital firm that invents, builds, and invests in startups with the world’s most influential companies. Jason’s engineering teams build the technology solutions that power the BCGDV startup portfolio. Jason was co-founder and CTO of Share Interactive, a digital product development firm, prior to its acquisition by BCGDV. At Share Interactive, Jason led the technology practice and built development centers in Seattle, Poland and India. Prior to Share Interactive, Jason led software development teams at Microsoft and at several startups.

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