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AI Use Case


AI Use Case


Giri Kumaran is Senior Director of Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Risk Architecture at Expedia Inc. He leads and manages a team of Data Scientists, Risk Architects, BI Analysts, and BI Developers working in the areas of Fraud, Risk, and Enterprise Security. Prior to this role, he was a Senior Data Science Manager at eBay Seattle where he managed a team of data scientists helping C2C and B2C Sellers on eBay be more successful. He led the development of algorithms and services to help Sellers optimize various aspects related to the items they were selling. He also significantly advanced the bidding algorithms that eBay used to run paid search campaigns on web search engines. Giri spent several years earlier at Microsoft in roles ranging from pure research to applied research in the web search and online advertising areas. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst specializing in Information Retrieval. Overall, he is passionate about leveraging Data Science (large-scale data, data mining techniques, machine learning techniques, predictive modeling, user behavior, etc.) to turn ideas into products by evangelizing, building consensus, and rallying teams to get things done.