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Is your AI appropriately self-aware? How analogues of attitudinal theory from cognitive neuroscience improve enterprise deep learning applications.


Advances in deep learning algorithms, modeled after the parallel processing of cognitive neuroscience, have led to an explosion of applications embedded directly into the core processes of most large global corporations and organizations. As deep learning and other neural correlates become the norm for artificial intelligence and machine learning, many underlying theories of cognitive neuroscience have been shown to have direct relevance on achieving positive outcomes from deployed algorithms. The speaker will draw from his experience in computational cognitive neuroscience as well as in managing dispersed enterprise data science teams and provide insight into the growing acceptance of neural correlates such as 'attitude' as highly relevant to the enterprise big data workflow.


Dave Goodsmith is a data science manager, thought leader and educator with over 15 years of experience working with global enterprise to optimize big data opportunities. Since 2015, Dave has been part of the team at, providing a data science platform that combines the open source tools, libraries, and languages data scientists love with the infrastructure and workflows their organizations need. His data-driven narratives featuring analytics on data science topics ranging from national campaign finance to online gambling have garnered millions of views in outlets including VentureBeat, the Los Angeles Times, and Forbes. Dave’s activities in the B2G data science community include founding “Our Lives, Our Data” and serving as the Co-Chair of the NSF Innovation Hub Metro Data Science Working Group. Previously, Dave taught the exemplar data science course at General, led DataKind’s Data Corps and researched neuroeconomics at Columbia University. His undergraduate in Environmental Science is from Harvard and his graduate degree in Statistics is from the City University of New York. Full bio at