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Developing Self-serve Big Data Analytics Platform to Democratize Data


Data is one of most powerful assets for companies today and a key driver for innovation, product development and business efficiency. But to harness the most out of that powerful assets it is essential that everyone in the organization have access to the data without going through lengthy IT process. Businesses today need to build-measure-learn-pivot quickly in order to be successful in highly competitive market place which is why every organization should focus on building strategy and capabilities to truly democratize its diverse and large enterprise data. In this presentation Indrasis will walk through how Getty Images have developed an effective data democratization strategy and used big data tools and technologies to develop a self-serve data analytics platform to harness and analyzes its diverse and complex data.


Indrasis is a Director of Data & Analytics Product Management at Getty Images, the world's largest stock media company. At Getty Indrasis is responsible for developing strategy & capabilities to enable data democratization and self-service analytics platform as well as data product strategy. Before joining Getty, Indrasis worked for RECON Dynamics; a Seattle based wireless location and industrial IOT startup company where Indrasis held multiple leadership roles including head of product, strategy and advanced technology. Indrasis has almost 15 years of strategy, product, algorithm and technology development experience in the area of big data, data science, machine learning, industrial IOT, smart sensors, signal processing and geolocation/navigation. A true product manager at heart, Indrasis' career aspiration is to integrate his passion and skills in technology, innovation, business and leadership in creating sustainable products and businesses that are founded upon a compelling purpose, a strong yet agile business model and strategy, a measurable social impact, and a solid value proposition for all stakeholders. Indrasis has an Executive MBA from Seattle University's Albers School of Business and Economics, and an MS in EE with concentration in signal processing and communication from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.