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How to transform Healthcare and Manufacturing through Predictive Analytics.


Healthcare and Manufacturing are two of the hottest sectors for Predictive Analytics applications. See Use Cases of what’s working and where the opportunities are.


Mary Vincent is Founder of Green Star advising Companies and Venture Capital Firms, was Co-Founder and Head of Product Engineering for Sensilk, a smart fabric wearables company reading Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, leading global wearable computing hardware and software architecture innovation, integration, testing, quality and technical engagement. Her startup was accepted into the Intel Make it Wearable Semifinals, two Startup Incubators, and she was chosen to present on IoT at Google Developer Group Silicon Valley, and in countries including Taiwan, China, Chile, Dubai UAE, . Mary's background includes work in Sun Microsystems Java Engineering, Data Center Energy Efficiency, Mobile Health Application development with Stanford and Government Projects, Mary has a unique understanding of the software and hardware worlds and how they work together and often speaks about the future of wearables, biotech, and the internet of things (IoT), and how we can use technology to improve lives.