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Moving to a Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Model


While descriptive analytics are still the most popular form of analytics today, it's not the best way to gain a competitive advantage.   Organizations that want to advance beyond doing business through the rear-view mirror are using predictive and prescriptive analytics to determine what will likely occur.  Predictive analytics has the added benefit of recommending action.

This session will talk about the forward looking capabilities enabled by predictive and prescriptive  analytics that enable organizations to plan for probable outcomes, good or bad. 

Armed with probable patterns predictive and prescriptive analytics reveal,  businesses can identify fraud faster or intervene sooner when it appears that a customer is about to churn. The combined foresight and timelier action help companies drive more revenue, reduce risk, and improve customer satisfaction.


Mr. Sieck provides key insights and perspectives on technology trends having held leadership positions at large companies like IBM, CSC and Hitachi; as well as venture-financed and turn-around situations. 

Mr. Sieck is currently the Director of Digital Analytics at LatentView Analytics – one of the world’s largest and fastest growing digital analytics firms.  Prior to LatentView, he was Director – Advanced Analytics for Hitachi.  His most recent venture-financed start-up was with infochimps,  a Big Data PaaS solution, that was acquired by CSC in 2014.

Based in Boston,  Mr. Sieck is an active member of the MIT Community and provides mentoring support for MIT entrepreneurs through the MIT Venture Mentoring Services organization.

Mr. Sieck has an MBA in Marketing from Pace University – Lubin Graduate School of Business and a BA in Business from the University of Connecticut.