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Implementing Predictive Analytics into Operational Workflows


This session will focus on how predictive analytics fits into an operational workflow. By examining two use cases: Customer Churn and Cross Selling. You will learn how and when to engage business users to create a successful project. How to setup your project for success by creating pilot projects that enable your business teams to understand the analytics process.


Derek Wilson is a data management, business intelligence and predictive analytics practitioner. As the owner of CDO Advisors, he responsible for the overall architecture, strategy, and delivery of Business Intelligence, analytics, and predictive solutions. In this role, he is focused on transforming how companies leverage data to gain new insights about their customers and operations to drive revenue and decrease expenses. He has over 18 years of experience in information technology leading and driving architectural solutions across enterprises. Over his career, he has been part of IT services, business units, and consulting organizations, which provides him with a unique perspective on how to communicate the value of technology to business leaders. You can connect with him at