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Serving as an Analytics “Rosetta Stone” (Translating Complex Data into Actionable/Predictive Insights)


British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. In today’s “big data” environment, skepticism towards quantitative findings still lingers. It doesn’t help that engineers are often guilty of misusing statistical analysis, over reliance on machine learning outcomes and being incredibly inaccurate with their predictions. This presentation will discuss regression analysis, prediction intervals, effective data visualizations, and the significance of storytelling. Additionally, examples of how the Video Operations team at DIRECTV/AT&T Entertainment Group is evolving into a data-driven culture and influencing C-level executives in their decision-making will be shared.


Business Analytics & Customer Experience Manager at AT&T Entertainment Group (AEG) Tim oversees all the analytics and KPIs within AEG, formerly DIRECTV. His team focuses on improving signal availability to deliver the best in-home and streaming experiences. He built a data-driven culture that accentuates accountability, objective data analysis, optimization and predictive analytics. Previously, he worked as a statistician at The Aerospace Corporation, a R&D center that provides technical expertise for the US Air Force, National Reconnaissance Office and Missile Defense Agency. Furthermore, Tim has taught statistics at UCLA, LMU and The Aerospace Institute. Mr. Park holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Occidental College and a MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.