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Taking the customers from what they feel and what they do to what you want them to do with advanced analytics


Currently Voice of Customer (VOC) is treated as a Brand Research function within Marketing. But when it comes to broader customer-centric decisions outside of Marketing, it is rarely leveraged despite the power of insights. The transition from a one-off monitoring exercise to Strategic Insights exercise has been painfully slow. This session will talk about the potential value that can be derived by combining Data Analytics, VOC program & Predictive Analytics. Mature organizations ensure best practices from User Experience Design and Data Instrumentation to ensure reliability and actionability in insights. It is also necessary to combine with experimentation and analytics productization to get consistency, scalability and efficiency.


As the Director of Analytics & A/B Testing within the Digital Product Organization at Visa, Inc. my core responsibility is to enable a Data Driven Decision Making framework for the Leadership and Decision Makers from Product, Marketing, Sales & Operations. I am passionate about the value of data & insights and love sharing the learning via talks at Conferences, blogs on Linkedin and contents on Slideshare.