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Cracking Customers Retention Code With Predictive Technologies In Email Marketing.


One day it appeared that traditional email marketing is no longer enough. The sales were OK, but there is always a room for improvement. That’s when we've started searching for new and more effective tools and run into predictive technologies. The idea was to prevent bottlenecks by identifying retention, retaining most valuable customers, detecting the likelihood of churn and to determine the most effective offers based on previous behavior. As a result, we have seen an average 50% increase in click-through rates and 100% increase in conversions. - How to use Big Data in Email marketing to send highly personalized emails. - [Tibiona case-study] Using predictive analytics to turn "window shoppers" to best customers. - Track & measure the results.


Kristina is an Evangelist at TriggMine, email marketing automation service. She is great when it comes to email marketing tips. During pasted 2 years she successfully launched more than 50 email campaigns for e-commerce websites. She’s also the voice of TriggMine. Kristina performed as a speaker at 100+ events in Europe & Asia. Among them are 4 Meet Magento events, Predictive Analytics World in London and San Francisco, eComExpo (Spain), Webit Summit (Bulgaria, Turkey), Wolves Summit 1st & 2nd edition (Poland). She believes that email marketing rules and data is the king.