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Future of Retail with IoT and Artificial Intelligence.


Retail consumption contributes to about two-thirds of the US GDP. Yet, the basic model for most of the retailing done today has not changed much since many decades. The changes in technology have prepared the landscape for a seismic shift in the industry. Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT ) have enabled smart retailers to capitalize on the huge opportunity to innovate and improve the industry efficiency by leaps and bounds. A prime example of where the industry is headed can be seen from the recent launch of Amazon Go. While eCommerce has taken on the traditional retailers by storm, the next revolution in retail technology can enable retailers to carve a chunk in the Brick & Mortar segment of the market. We will discuss the latest innovations in the space along with case studies and ideas for future entrepreneurs to explore.


Kiran founded CustoLogix in the year 2008 to help retailers leverage the latest advancements in mathematics and develop pricing strategies. Kiran has a decade of experience using analytics at big name retailers. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors from the Bangalore University and an MBA from the Pepperdine University on a full merit scholarship. His unique blend of experiences in Strategic Pricing, Mathematics, Technology and International Markets has enabled Kiran to develop cutting edge solutions in the Analytics based Pricing Industry. At CustoLogix, Kiran has built Big Data based analytical solutions that have helped retailers make scientific pricing and assortment decisions to increase profitability. Through mathematical algorithms that are deployed over the cloud, the patent pending RapidMathematix algorithm finds the ideal price for the products sold by retailers at each location deployed through IoT devices. Kiran’s experience includes consulting for the large retailers including Target, Office Depot and Wal-Mart. Kiran leads the mathematics and IoT innovation lab at CustoLogix which works on launching innovative IoT based solutions for the retail industry. Kiran has a wide range of international experiences with analytics based implementations in Latin America, Europe and Asia. He also manages his own retail convenience store in India which also serves as a lab for the mathematical experiments at CustoLogix. Kiran is also an instructor on innovation and entrepreneurship at the U.C.Berkeley Extension, California.