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A New Paradigm on IOT - Realizing the Potential


As we all understand, the principle of the Internet of Things is to create a useful feedback loop that is as automated as possible. The penetration of the internet and, especially, the fact that much of the inhabited earth is now covered by either cellular or unlicensed RF networks, has made it conceivable to deploy lots of sensors for very low prices to make scalar measurements of nearly anything and everything, and get those measurements fed to a computer anywhere you like. But an important question is not one that is technical. Since SCADA has been around for decades, and has good standards in place, we have to ask ourselves whether any business that really values remote sensors in a network hasn’t already deployed them? Is IoT simply the final commoditization of what has already become a highly fragmented and already low margin business? Is there a path to wealth creation in the Internet of Things? I think there are ways to create an important business in IoT, which I hope to lead you to in this talk.