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Tips & Tricks to building a Predictive Analytics Solution


1. The evolution of analytics and where it is heading 2. The Predictive Analytics Cone & PF Curves 3.Two predictive analytics business cases with business benefits 4. The Future of Predictive Analytics in a digital world


About the Speaker: Hari Guleria is a global Analytics thought leader and business success motivational speaker working with some of the world’s largest enterprises on their analytics, Big-Data, IoT and Predictive Analytics projects. Hari considers all these initiatives as strategic business solutions and not another upgrade or technical install. He has a passionate focus on Business Excellence in ‘Analytics for the Digital enterprise’. He currently works as the 'VP SAP HANA Digital Solutions' at PrideVel in Santa Clara, CA, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. PrideVel is a global SAP HANA and Cisco partner with offices across the US and offshore facilities in India. Prior to this Hari was Director for SAP HANA Solutions at HP services responsible for the Americas. Before that he was the Director for SAP HANA with HCL-Axon for North America and before that he worked with SAP in their Value Engineering/Realization Group covering North America. His current focus is on delivering ‘Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost’. Quality and true business benefits are never negotiable. Hari is the author of ‘BI Valuenomics- The story of meeting business expectation sin BI’ a book far more relevant today than it was in 2010 when it was published. He is currently working with Bill Inmon the father of Data Warehousing and TR Palle the Global Business Architect at Genentech/Roche to release a new book on ‘Analytics in the digital Era. Hari has been the ‘C’ level strategy lead and solution architect for some of the world’s largest and most complex BI platforms. In the last 20 years he has consulted for many CIO’s at Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Currently he is the solution lead for many global big-data, IoT and SAP HANA projects Hari routinely works with customers as their Business Solutions Architect- as the layer between business owners, SI vendor partners and the core delivery teams for assuring SAP and SAP HANA Business Value Attainment or BVA. Hari has over 35,000 hours of BI, 17,000 hours of HANA an outlier score of 3.5 for BI and 1.7 for HANA. Hari comes with a platinum level background of SAP BW, BWA and SAP HANA. He also consulted in SAP SD and MM. Prior to SAP he comes with over 9 years of Sr. Business Management experience with major European multinationals. Hari may be contacted at