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From Hours to Milliseconds: How GPUs are Reinventing Data Analytics


As technology advancements create an explosion of human data — millions of tweets, hours of video, and patterns every day — a new universe is emerging. Ed will reveal how to analyze, explore and visualize this data in transformative ways. How? Using GPUs, the gaming technology poised to massively improve industries at scale by providing instantaneous data visualization and real-time analytics. To illustrate the power of GPUs, Ed will pull up a live demo analyzing billions of data points in real-time.


As VP of Product at MapD, Edward O'Donnell is heading up product on fast data visualization and GPU-powered database software. Previously, he served as VP of Product Management at Goby Inc. (acquired by Telenav Inc.) and spent time at Google, Citigroup and DoubleClick. He has a B.A. in Political Science from Yale and an MBA in Business from MIT.