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Making AI a reality for the enterprise


I present an analysis of the current adoption of AI in industry based on a systematic study of the entire business Internet covering investments, deals, and social data across 500,000 companies. Drawing on this data, I offer a new economic framework to discover, measure, and motivate future use cases for AI. This approach examines the challenges of achieving meaningful outcomes when applying AI, in combination with other technologies, to traditional business and societal challenges. We test the hypothesis that achieving the targeted outcomes of even mature use cases requires the alignment of stakeholders and coordination between technical solutions, business models, and incentives. Utilizing a top-down approach to how benefits and market sizes are calculated, we outline a model to measure the utility and market for AI in the future and then apply this model to the largest opportunities in businesses and society where human intelligence does not produce optimum results. You’ll discover new use cases and AI solutions that better measure end outcome.


Aman Naimat has spent his career building innovative products that dramatically change the technology landscape. As the Senior Vice President of Technology at Demandbase, Aman and his team are developing Demandbase’s artificial intelligence platform for the next-generation of B2B marketing. His comprehensive background in artificial intelligence and machine learning will help drive game changing marketing solutions for the B2B industry. Prior to Demandbase, Aman founded several enterprise software start-ups and held numerous executive positions at Oracle including Director of Special Projects for Oracle’s CEO Office and Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Database. Most recently, Aman was a co-founder and the CTO of Spiderbook, an AI-driven enterprise sales engine which was acquired by Demandbase. Aman earned a MS in Computer Science with a research focus on AI and natural language understanding from Stanford University. He also has a second MA in Public Policy also from Stanford and was an Entrepreneurship Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is also an accomplished author with published AI, Big Data and CRM technology pieces appearing in both scientific and business publications. Aman also has a dozen patents in CRM and Data technologies.