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A cloud-centric ecosystem approach to ease IoT development


To create a successful Internet of Things, connected devices and applications must be able to easily, securely and intelligently interact across silos. True interoperability among different vendors will enable analytics that provide deep insights to users. We discuss two use cases of a cloud-based IoT ecosystem that addresses the above challenges. 1) An IoT solution provider with full control of devices and applications within its own system uses the ecosystem to build an IoT solution that collects, transmits, stores, analyzes, and acts on intelligence without having to manage infrastructure. 2) Multiple players each focus on their core strength (devices, applications, analytics, etc.) and build an end-to-end IoT solution collectively on the ecosystem, without integration pain.


Developer Evangelist, hands-on technical lead in the domains: IoT, mobile, cloud gaming, and technical computing. Worked as a software development lead at startups and large companies. Actively contributes to open source software development and writes technical articles