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Complexities in Scalable mass deployment of Industrial IoT


2016 was the year for IoT proof-of-concepts. Early adopters are coming to the realization of the complexities involved in scalable mass deployment of Industrial IoT. These issues include deployment complexities, security issues starting from hardware root of trust to OS security to network security to cloud security and application vulnerabilities, and finally issues related to extensibility - the ability to future-proof oneself so as to be able to add additional functionality at the edge once the solution is deployed. The recent DDOS attacks have added a further dimension to this complexity. This session will focus on these 3 areas (deployment complexity, security and extensibility) in-depth so people can understand the issues with relevant case studies as well as ROI analysis.


Ron Victor is a silicon-valley based technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and expertise launching new ventures at start-ups and fortune 1000 technology companies. To-date he has enabled raising more than $30Million in start-up capital for multiple start-ups in silicon-valley. Ron has founded and led three companies to-date with successful exits. His latest venture is IoTium Inc. – a Silicon Valley start-up that provides a secure, cloud-managed, easy-to-deploy software defined network infrastructure for all IoT verticals. IoTium’s secure, horizontal, dynamically-configurable and scalable IoT network infrastructure solution significantly reduces the complexities for any IoT deployment including smart cities, smart grids, building automation, energy installations, industrial automation, transportation and more. Prior to launching IoTium, Ron was Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Wireless Industrial Technologies, an Industrial IoT company providing IoT solutions for heavy industry such as Aluminum smelters, Copper tank houses and more. Ron’s experience and expertise cover a vast range of activities ranging from global business development, strategic planning, sales and marketing, intellectual property and engineering development. His domain experience and expertise includes, IoT, Wireless Networking, VoIP, Streaming Media and Broadband. Ron is also the founding volunteer and President of Vibha Inc. ( Vibha is a completely volunteer driven registered 501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States and India. Vibha’s mission is to ensure every underprivileged child attains his or right to health, education and opportunity. To-date the organization has raised and disbursed over $13 million dollars through over 250 social entrepreneur driven projects impacting the lives of over 300,000 underprivileged children.