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IoT as a core ingredient of success in sports


Wearable Technology, the Quantified Self and the Internet of Things are only a few emerging technology terms that everyone is speaking about today, and the future's looking bright and promising. The rate of technological breakthroughs today is beyond expectations and the sports market is benefiting greatly from this. We are heading towards the new era of the Internet of Sport. Within this context, Team USA has positioned itself at the forefront of technology discoveries, which has led to the storming success of 121 medals at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. What are the technologies and innovations that are making the biggest impact on sports? What are the technologies and innovations of the future that are shaping the sports world? What strategies does Team USA use to leverage the technological know­how and what are some of the challenges it faces? All this and more at the conference.


Rio 2016 Olympic Games were exceedingly successful for Team USA and, as the Director of Technology & Innovation for the U.S. Olympic Committee, I'm responsible for helping Team USA open a 1% gap with respect to international competition by leveraging emerging technologies and innovation frameworks. Such programs usually lie at the sweet intersection of wearable technology, smart textiles and fabric, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. In this role, I lead and manage a group of internal and external individuals (technologists, engineers, data scientists, hardware/software developers, designers, business partners) as well as work very closely with the US Olympic Committee's leadership to ensure alignment with organization policies and strategies. I'm also a very strong advocate of Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies. I've also created and grew 2 startups in Italy into internationally renowned firms. Besides being a co-founder, I led the Product and Business Development teams and spearheaded the development of various applications that are currently being used at a number of organizations in Italy and around Europe. I hold a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, speak at major conferences on Technology and Innovation, and am fluent in 4 languages. Skills: - 15+ years of experience developing healthcare, wellness, and fitness products and services - 15+ years of experience in Wearable Technology - 8+ experience in product management, business development, partnerships, and innovation - Passion for Human-Centered Design and Agile/Lean techniques - Networking and relationship building, internal and external; quick identification of relevant partners to launch and scale projects and products - Can execute several time-sensitive project at once in a fast paced environment with minimal direction - A never-say-die attitude, and an entrepreneurial spirit - Excellent written and verbal communication skills