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Workshop: AI for IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a broad vision whereby “things” such as everyday objects, places and environments are interconnected with one another via the Internet. At present, a common example of a simple IoT object is a thermostat which can determine when people occupy certain rooms and alter level of heating, lighting and other functions in the house accordingly. IoT has made dramatic change of people’s life. The emergence of Cloud computing has created the application and device management backbone needed to scale and support billions of connected objects.

The growth of IoT is exciting for those that are interested in being able to have more control over the devices that they use every day at home, school, or in the office. There is a lot of new potential for easily accessing and controlling things that previously had to be interacted with on a physical level. Some of these devices are nonessential, like being able to control your washing machine from your phone. Others can have a much larger importance, like having a camera that monitors motion and sound levels in your home while you are away. Azure has created an IoT Hub where we bring all the much-needed backbone infrastructure to develop these IoT apps. We also have brought Deep Learning as Cognitive APIs in Azure, which helps you make intelligent apps for your IoT.

Workshop OUTLINE:

1. Azure IoT HUB
2. How to make IoT smarter with AI
3. Brief introduction to Deep Learning
4. Deep learning models as API
5. Using Deep Learning models for IoTs
6. Deep learning model for Image Caption Generation from Camera
7. Hands-On IoT Demo


Anusua Trivedi is a Data Scientist at Microsoft’s Cloud AI Platform Team. She works on developing advanced Deep Learning models & AI solutions. She’s an advanced trainer and conducts hands-on deep learning labs. Prior to joining Microsoft, Anusua has held positions with UT Austin and University of Utah. Anusua is a frequent speaker at machine learning and AI conferences.