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Making the World Smarter – One “Thing”  at a time 


The Internet of Things is causing the next wave of network transformation, and is creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses in every industry. Organizations are competing to collect, analyze and interpret data in the cloud. Innovation in fog computing, security and edge analytics can provide enterprises with a critical edge. Enterprises are also starting to use Fog computing for a wide range of applications like capacity planning, asset tracking, building management etc. However, harnessing the power of this data stream requires a robust network that connects billions of IoT nodes from the edge to the cloud in a secure manner.  
This talk takes us through all aspects of the IoT landscape - from the edge to the cloud, enterprise to consumer IoT, fog computing and the wave of new applications that are all set to launch the fourth industrial revolution.


Anand Oswal serves as Senior Vice President, Enterprise Networking Group. 

Anand leads a global team of engineers that are responsible for building the complete set of platforms and solutions for the Cisco Enterprise Networking portfolio. The portfolio spans enterprise products across routing, access switching, IOT connectivity, wireless and network/cloud services deployed at customers worldwide.

Anand is a dynamic leader, building strong, diverse and motivated teams that continually excel through a relentless focus on execution. He holds over 50 US patents and is laser focused on innovation and inspiring his team to build awesome products and solutions.