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Delivering Successful IoT Solutions with a Hybrid IoT Platform Approach


Delivering real-world IoT solutions that are highly secure, robust, scalable, and flexible enough to easily adjust to technical and business needs is challenging. Companies are often faced with either building bespoke solutions that incur risk, cost, and a long time to market, or selecting prebuilt, off-the-shelf solutions that offer simplicity and fast time-to-market at the expense of flexibility to adapt to evolving technical and business needs. A Hybrid IoT Platform approach strikes an ideal balance for many companies by combining a proven IoT Device Connectivity and Management Platform with the customer’s preferred IoT Cloud Application Platform for a complete end-to-end IoT solution with short time-to-market, minimal risk, and the flexibility to adapt. In this talk, learn about real-world success stories delivered with a hybrid IoT platform approach.


Terrence is the Head of Solutions Engineering at Electric Imp. His previous roles included Senior Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Lead Architect for Java ME, Principal Product Manager for Oracle’s Internet of Things platform, and tech lead for a large-scale connected vehicle deployment with one of the worlds largest car manufacturers. Terrence has published multiple papers and speaks frequently at conferences around the world.