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The Business of IoT Security


The growth and success of the IoT market is critically dependent on the streams of revenue that are generated in these new paradigms. While the public might consider the threat landscape of personal data, the bigger concern is how new businesses become dependent on device and network implementations with shaky foundations. This topic will cover the business side of IoT vulnerability and how it can and should be addressed by well proven approaches pioneered in adjacent spaces.


Steve Christian has a wealth of experience in digital media, security and the web and is a frequent contributor and speaker on technology strategy at industry events around the globe. Current focus areas of his work are media and IoT security as a part of cloud-based services. His background includes responsibility for product strategy and brand equity at Verimatrix and marketing at streaming media specialist Nine Systems. He has also run his own "VP as a service" technology marketing consultancy, driving the competitive profile of communication and control vendors in the M2M/IoT space. His technical experience includes product and services management at Wind River, ST Microelectronics and Raytheon. Mr. Christian has a 1st class degree in Physics from the University of Bristol and an MBA from the Open University in the UK.