April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Madjid Nakhjiri" Details

Name :
madjid nakhjiri
Title :
Senior Director
Topic :

Blockchain and IOT security

Abstract :

Security for IOT has many aspects from hardware and software security to connectivity and cloud security. Defense in depth involves securing the boot image and kernel, provisioning cryptographic credentials in the factory or in the field, providing execution environment for sensitive processes, providing secure connectivity, providing security for data both in device and in cloud through both storage and access control. When things go wrong or changes are required software updates need to be delivered and installed securely in the device. All the above require establishment of a trust ecosystem and must be done at low cost and with high scalability. This talk will go through some of these challenges and also explores the use of blockchain and for providing secure and scalable solutions for some of the challenges

Profile :
Brief Bio: Madjid Nakhjiri has the responsibility for end to end roadmap, architecture, as well as future technology solutions for Samsung ARTIK platform security. Madjid is also a member of executive board for IOT security foundation. Prior to Samsung, Madjid initiated and led Security Engineering team for MediaTek IOT business unit and led security design of next generation chipsets. Madjid has been involved in IOT standards since 2011 and has over 15 years of experience in security architecture and standards, chairing and authoring for many industry standards activities in IOT, IPTV/DRM, Internet mobility, and wireless connectivity, and smart cards and has authored and delivered many widely used standards. Madjid is the author of book “AAA and security for Mobile Networks”, many conference papers, 13 issued patents and 30+ pending.

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