April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Kiran Kulkarni" Details

Name :
kiran kulkarni
Company :
Title :
VP Technologies
Topic :

Optimize your operations by uniting IoT data and real-time video feeds in one place for actionable insights

Abstract :

Managing complex operations requires making faster, more informed decisions. Disparate data sources and dashboards make it difficult to derive meaningful, actionable insights from large amounts of data. Learn how organizations can optimize their operations and improve efficiency by uniting all of their data and real-time video feeds in a single view that delivers the operational intelligence needed need to make more effective decisions and take immediate actions. This session will cover current customer use cases across different industry verticals ranging from manufacturing to hospitality to smart cities.

Profile :
Kiran is Chief Delivery officer for N3N. Kiran joined N3N in 2014. Kiran leads the company's software implementation. Kiran brings over 15 years of software development, application development, team development, and performance management experience to N3N. Prior to N3N Kiran held leadership roles at Cisco Systems and Oracle.

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