April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


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justin fier
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An Immune System for the Internet of Things

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Cyber security is rarely a company's or individual's primary concern after purchasing and installing an exciting new IoT device in their corporate headquarters or their home. Yet IoT devices, often designed without security in mind, are incredibly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Even worse, traditional security tools fall woefully short when it comes to defending these devices from attackers. IoT devices dramatically increase the number of endpoints a company needs to protect and the devices that anti-virus software needs to be installed on. Legacy approaches are not only inefficient to deploy across IoT, but are also largely ineffective against zero-days, machine-speed threats, and other next-gen cyber-attacks that are transforming the threat landscape and cyber security. Immune system technology is able to understand what constitutes 'normal' activity for any number and variety of IoT devices on an organization's network. This dynamic understanding of 'normal' for each device enables the technology to detect when any IoT device is behaving strangely. The technology can then take autonomous response to stop the threats in real time, whether they are arising from a malicious insider, or an internet-connected coffee machine. In this session, you will learn about: " AI and machine learning's role in cyber defense for IoT " How autonomous response technology can neutralize IoT threats in real time " Real world use cases of cyber-threats detected on IoT devices

Profile :
Justin Fier is the Director for Cyber Intelligence & Analytics at Darktrace, based in Washington D.C. Justin is one of the US’s leading cyber intelligence experts, and his insights have been widely reported in leading media outlets, including Wall Street Journal, CNN, the Washington Post, and VICELAND. With over 10 years of experience in cyber defense, Justin has supported various elements in the US intelligence community, holding mission-critical security roles with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems and Abraxas. Justin is also a highly-skilled technical specialist, and works with Darktrace’s strategic global customers on threat analysis, defensive cyber operations, protecting IoT, and machine learning.

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