April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Hicham Sabir" Details

Name :
hicham sabir
Company :
Title :
Topic :

Open Innovation in the age of Data analytics and Machine Learning

Abstract :

While the pace of innovation has never been faster than today, it will also never be slower. To deal with the speed of this change, the role of a company’s partner ecosystem is changing to become a crucial tool to face these multiple disruptions. In this session, we will dive into how infrastructure will play a key role in the mass deployment of the Internet of Things and services built on top of it.

Profile :
Hicham is the Open Innovation Leader in North America for Philips Lighting. After working in Philips Lighting’s R&D teams to drive the LED transformation, he lead a Philips venture and set up an internal incubator on energy access. Hicham moved to San Francisco to accelerate Philips Lighting’s digital transformation into IoT and services and build a partner ecosystem of startups and accelerators in North America. He holds an Engineering Degree from France and a MSc in Applied Physics from Sweden.

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