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How to understand consumer behavior using emotion analysis


Workshop Purpose: The goal is to illustrate the analysis of emotions as a technique to know and predict consumer behaviors and its application in fields such as marketing or the retail sector. Workshop Description: Emotions are an essential part of the human and responsible for much of the decisions that we make. They influence our actions and opinions. With emotional marketing came the need to establish an affective link with users and consumers, but now, thanks to innovative emotional analysis techniques, we can get even closer to them. Know them. This workshop aims to deepen the knowledge and analysis of emotions, presenting different tools of emotional analysis through text, eye tracking and facial recognition, and their practical applications. Attendees will have the opportunity to access real examples of the application of these tools to know the behavior of the consumer (analysis of reviews and test products, user experiences, metrics in real purchasing environments, etc). In addition, different individual and group exercises will be proposed for the practical application. We will use text analysis tools, and metrics of the Emotion Research Lab platform to achieve an analytical, real and productive experience.


International PHD Scholar at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Stanford University. Researching about the role of emotions in SEO and online content. Technology, Psychology and Journalism.