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Building a truly Open Source infrastructure for your IoT needs


With IoT becoming more and more a critical node of IT infrastructures, several issues are starting to be top priorities for developers and CIOs: containing costs, building standards, avoiding lock-ins are just a few of them. Relying on commercial Open Source products is most of the time the right balance between having a risk-free bet on your infrastructure’s future and professional support which can handle mission critical installations. The talk will focus on Astarte, an Open Source IoT platform, with a hands on workshop on how to make it (and other useful OSS stacks) fit into the average IT infrastructure without disrupting existing processes while bringing IoT to existing and new applications.


Dario started as a C++ coder and took part in the smartphone revolution working for some of the biggest player at the time. Nowadays, he's focusing on the embedded and IoT market, and has founded a company, Ispirata, to help companies harness new technologies and make the most out of these new trends.