April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


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ashok banerjee
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IOT and CyberSecurity

Abstract :

IOT attacks and defense are both becoming more mainstream as more and more critical but vulnerable systems come online. Many IOT devices e.g. in Healthcare cannot readily be upgraded since a complex stack ecosystem layers on top of the vulnerable system. The techniques for protection range from protecting from the inside to protecting from the outside. I will also focus on how a lot of the attack techniques of early days are making mild modification comebacks with IOT and Sensor networks.
In today's digital world Cyberattacks is war continued by other means. Everything from Nuclear reactors, power plants, oil and gas, power grid infrastructure, private companies are now becoming fair game. The stakes have moved from espionage in IT networks to sabotage in OT networks.
In this talk we will also delve into the economics and legal ramifications and attributions of attacks.I will close with my predictions of what awaits attacks await us with IOT, Privacy, the rise of GPUs and the so far not seen adverserial ML from the attackers.


Profile :
CTO & VP Engineering Enterprise Security Products

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