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Zero UI - a future without screens


Zero UI refers to a paradigm where our movements, voice, glances, and even thoughts can all cause systems to respond to us through our environment. At its extreme, it implies a screen-less, invisible user interface where natural gestures trigger interactions, as if the user was communicating to another person. In this talk I will explore the contexts, scenarios, and uses of Zero UI, what it means to design and build these services and also what it will mean to live alongside or even “inside” them. Zero UI will not be limited to personal devices but will extend to homes, entire cities, even environments and ecosystems, and as a result have a massive impact on society as a whole. Our seemingly unquenchable attachment to screens—rectangles that glow in the corner of rooms, on our tables, by our bedside, and in our pockets—has come to inform societal norms and mores; so much so that it may be difficult to imagine a world not dominated by screens—yet that’s where we are heading.


Andy is a pioneer of the Service Design industry and reluctant futurist. He realized he wanted to be a designer whilst trying to program a VCR at the age of eight. Forever looking outside the design and technology bubble for insights and finding it in adjacent fields. Scientists inspire him: brilliant people making extraordinary discoveries that transform the world. Andy joined DV in June 2017 as VP of Experience Design where he hopes to bring these adjacent insights to the design teams, mapping out the next evolution of design thinking and practice in the face of ongoing technological and social disruption.   After an early career in the Interactive TV, Games and Mobile industries Andy shifted focus to the agency world. He joined Fjord in London in 2008, within 18 months he had founded the Madrid studio. In 2014 he moved again to New York and took over the US operation overseeing the build of 4 new North American offices.   Most recently he has been at an advanced AI and Computer Vision startup leading the consumer product department.   Andy is a frequent speaker at conferences including TED, SxSW, Interaction, and Solid. He writes regularly on design and emerging technology.